I went to art college to become an illustrator but found that photography was a much faster medium to work in. For every one illustration, I could make a dozen photographic images. Now my work is so elaborately planned and constructed that those numbers would easily be reversed.

I have a passion for creating and making images from things that most people would not take a second look at. I love finding pictures and beauty in the mundane and the banal. In creating landscapes from the contents of my fridge or building cities from sea shells or car parts, I am more of a photographic illustrator who creates something from nothing, transforming one thing into another by simply composing and lighting.

Most of my working life as a photographer has been spent working in the advertising world where creative solutions and problem solving have always been a challenging and exciting part of the job. With many years of experience accumulated these factors still play a large role in the process, but often lead to the creation of something amazing.

In order to do this I have put together a wonderful team of talented, creative professionals ranging from the most artistic food stylists and modelmakers to the finest retouchers.  Together we work towards turning my sketches and drawings into reality.

My goal is always to achieve as much of the final image as possible within the camera. Subject matter needs to be composed with respect to the lens, the perspective and the scale of the scene, and lighting needs to be sympathetic to the mood and atmosphere I want to create.

As a photographer I find there is nothing more rewarding than going into my studio at the start of the day with an empty canvas and leaving at the end of the day with something wonderful to hang on the wall.