I began directing TV commercials in 2008 when clients and agencies began requesting to see my Foodscape work brought to life. Working in both animation and live action, my team and I have perfected the techniques of shooting model sets using real food, that capture the sense of place which is prevalent in my stills work.

I believe that directing is about having a vision, and telling a story through that vision. Much of my creative input to a project involves concept design. I draw my own storyboards in order to convey my ideas so that I can deliver my own visualisation of a script or brief.

I have directed and shot campaigns for many international brands, working in Europe, the U.S., the Middle East and Asia, often shooting the stills campaign along side the TV for continuity and cost effectiveness.

In recent years I set up my own production company, Frooty Films, that handles most of my shoots. I work with a highly specialised crew of talented professionals who collaborate with me in order to help bring my visions to life and deliver a quality of work that comes through a passion for craft and a keen eye for detail.

I am constantly looking to expand and develop my work by bringing people and characters into my imaginary worlds. I love the creative challenge of making the everyday world extra-ordinary and my goal is to amuse and delight audiences with ideas that inspire and amaze.